My Job Search Continues

As I explained on my profile, I am a recent college graduate who is struggling to find a job. I live in San Antonio and find it somewhat ironic that everything I read about the job market here says that this is one of the best cities for folks looking for a job. I however can’t seem to get a new job even though I have a business degree and five years of manager experience. The reason is because all my five years of manager experience are at a local restaurant chain. I’ve come to the conclusion that most employers don’t take restaurant managers seriously and I don’t understand why. I’ve worked for the same employer for three months shy of 10 years, which one would think speaks for itself, and I perform over a dozen duties every week that apply across several industries. I only stayed at this employer because they paid me well (for a college student) and because they worked around my school schedule. Now however, I am entirely ready to get out of the restaurant business as I never had any intentions of making it a career, not to mention I have a young family and need more money to provide a better life for us. So, as I have searched for a new job I have discovered that every employer wants potential employees to have experience in the field that they operate. I definitely understand why, but I am surprised that more employers aren’t interested in hiring people like me and spending the time to train us and mold us into the employee that they want. It’s not like I am applying to be a VP or even a district manager but usually as some sort of team lead or lower-level leadership position. I wonder if I would have been better off quitting the restaurant I worked at and taking an entry-level job in an industry I was interested in working in. I just thought that I was making the right decision staying where I was because I thought that my loyalty, reliability, and experience as a leader would outshine my lack of experience in any given field. Furthermore, the restaurant chain I work for here is very well-known and respected here in San Antonio. To clarify a bit, I am not trying to become an accountant or an engineer, just a manager doing logistics, retail, or working in a call center for a company like Rackspace. It may seem like I am just ranting, or that I am being impatient, but I am quite frustrated and so I’m reaching out and telling my story.  I am interested in hearing any advice people have and I also want to come into contact with as many people as possible. As much as I worked, in addition to all the time I have spent with my family, I have done a poor job networking and that is the main reason I am starting this blog other than I just want to share my story. Please give me any feedback, comment on anything I brought up, or ask questions if I have been too vague. Thanks for taking the time to read this!!


About awfields26

I am a 25 year old recent college graduate from San Antonio TX who is struggling to start my career. I have a young family and deeply desire to begin providing the life that we deserve to live. I currently am employed as a restaurant manager for the only company that I have ever worked for, meaning that I lack experience in every field that I am interested in working in. I am starting this blog to get tips, and network as I am really trying to be creative after half a year of failing at getting a new job.
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